“Firefox 85.0” Released, with enhanced privacy protection that blocks supercookies

January 26, Mozilla released “Firefox 85.0”, the latest version of its open-source web browser. Firefox has been known for its privacy features, and this release has further improved them. Firefox 85 is the latest version that follows v84, released in December 2020.

This release introduces a fundamental change in the browser’s network architecture, which partitions network connections and caches by the website being visited. This will isolate supercookies.

It is now easier for users to save and access their bookmarks. Firefox can now remember the locations where the bookmarks are saved, display the bookmarks toolbar on new tabs, and let users have access to all of their bookmarks via a toolbar folder. This release includes various security fixes. Firefox no longer supports Adobe Flash.

As to developer-related changes, CSS is added with support for the :focus-visible pseudo class.