Thunderbird 78.6.0 Released

December 15, the developer team of Mozilla’s Thunderbird released “Thunderbird 78.6.0”, the latest version of the email client. Due to the security updates, ad-on MailExtensions are improved. Thunderbird 78.6.0 is the latest version of the 78 series released in July.

This release extends the functionality of MailExtensions, add ons supported by Thunderbird. It also adds support for Developers can now use the menus API in messages under composition.

This release brings two changes to the MailExtensions. First, AllowScriptsToClose argument is honored in windows.create API, and second, accountID now reflects the account where the message is stored and not the one stored in message headers. Quota exceeded indications are now shown only on the main window.

This release includes numerous bug fixes for OpenPGP, Address book, and Calendar. For example with OpenPGP, the problem of Key Manager displaying wrong key properties after importing a secret key has been fixed.

Thunderbird 78.6 supports Windows, macOS, and Linux. It is available for download from the project website.