CloudLinux announced “Project Lenix”, aiming to replace CentOS

December 15, CloudLinux announced the launch of a new initiative “Project Lenix”. The goal is to develop and maintain a distribution that is binary compatible with “Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8” and later. Its first release is planned for the first quarter of 2021.

CloudLinux is a vendor that develops Linux distributions for hosting providers. Cent-based “CloudLinux OS” features security and stability. Project Lenix is a community-driven, free/open-source project that develops forks that are binary compatible with “Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8” and later.

It aims to replace “CentOS Linux”, which will be discontinued under the policy change announced earlier by CentOs project, and will invest more than a million dollars a year in development and maintenance. The first release is scheduled to be out in the 2021 first quarter.

As CloudLinux already maintains CloudLinux OS, the developers are experienced in building RHEL forks from RHEL 5, and they will also develop Project Lenix distributions. It will provide a way for entire server fleets to be switched from existing CentOS servers with a single command with zero downtime. All builds and test software will be released as open source, free of charge. It promises to give CentOS 8 users support until 2029 with free tested updates. 

Project Lenix